End of the year thoughts

Three nights ago ASB hosted our annual 8th Grade Ceremony. This event symbolizes the “Closing of Middle School,” and the “Beginning of High School,” for our students. The evening showcased two student hosts, and two class speakers. Sitting in the audience, watching and listening to these four fourteen-year-old ‘kids’ (with … Continue reading

More on the Messi Analogy–Students of International Schools

Let’s begin with this precious nugget: “Craig, I love the Messi analogy, and I agree. I think it serves as a metaphor for so many of the children in international schools. Our son, who although a New Zealander, was born in Italy, and he insists on being ‘Italian.’ He always … Continue reading

The Messi In Our Schools

As you all SHOULD know, Kolkata hosted a friendly soccer match between the national teams of Argentina and Venezuela last week. Here’s a quote from the Sports’ Section of the Times of India: “Lionel Messi, although an Argentine by birth, no longer plays soccer like an Argentine.  Having grown up … Continue reading