What I learned from playing Words With Friends with my son

Several years ago my brother and I were back in the U.S. visiting our parents. They’d just moved to their new home in Tucson, Arizona. They took us to a get-together in the neighborhood. Neither my brother nor I knew anyone at the party. My mother walked us around the … Continue reading

The College Admissions Process

Over the last few months I’ve been visiting university Admissions Offices across the United States. My tour is part of the data-collection phase of ASB’s goal: to create the most relevant and effective Center of College and Career Services in the world of international education. “We do not judge applicants … Continue reading

Looking Ahead to 2020

Remember when Facebook bought Whatsapp for US$19 billion? One analyst said, “Facebook bought Whatsapp so Zuckerburg’s company could become relevant once again.” His comment implies Facebook is no longer relevant. Facebook has dominated the social media market for a decade (ten years is a really long time in the world … Continue reading

The Ghost of Education Yet to Come

With every year comes the selection process for new hires. Interviewing teachers is a fascinating adventure. Once again, I’m struck by how differently (more powerful and more deeply authentic) the ‘master teachers’ talk to us about education compared to the rest. Truly, I am humbled and inspired by the anecdotes and … Continue reading

Remembering Madhu, Madiba and Goodness

I went to sleep last night with two deaths on my mind. The deaths of Madhu and Madiba. Madhu was an ASB Alum. Madiba was the Father of a Nation. “I still cannot believe that my dear ex-student Madhu was murdered,” wrote a former ASB teacher on Facebook last night. … Continue reading

Fostering an Educational Culture of Creativity and Innovation

Originally published on November 23, 2013. There have been 1.7 billion views of the ‘Gangnam Style’ video. That’s a big number. In fact, the magnitude of it makes the number incomprehensible to me — it fails to connect. However, a number I do understand is 13,000 years. I understand it because I can … Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Spirit and the Future

A while ago, a reporter from the Times of India called to interview me. She asked: “Is developing an entrepreneurial spirit important for schools to engage in; and if so, why?” Here’s what I said: “Absolutely. An entrepreneurial spirit is a critical objective of a relevant education today.” I then went on to share much of what … Continue reading

Nurturing and Encouraging Creativity

A little less than two years ago, I was in Katmandu for a leadership conference along with 400 educators. It was then that I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Douglas Reeves’ presentation: How to Value, Nurture and Encourage Creativity. Here, without any interpretation, commentary, or contextualization from me, … Continue reading

Developing Graduates and Institutions That Understand

Today’s thought is about authenticity. While reading Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the Day, I am no longer surprised to find myself thinking about ASB’s Early Childhood Curriculum (not to mention the rest of our school’s standards and benchmarks). Today’s tip is a great example. It is adapted from “To Be Authentic,” by … Continue reading

Creating Keystone Habits As An Instrument of Success

On a Friday evening, after 35 years of smoking more than a pack a day, a woman quits. She hasn’t picked up a cigarette in over ten years. A man weighs 370 pounds (170 kgs) in December of 2004. In March of 2006, 15 months later, he runs a marathon … Continue reading