End of the year thoughts

Three nights ago ASB hosted our annual 8th Grade Ceremony. This event symbolizes the “Closing of Middle School,” and the “Beginning of High School,” for our students. The evening showcased two student hosts, and two class speakers. Sitting in the audience, watching and listening to these four fourteen-year-old ‘kids’ (with … Continue reading

Design Thinking and Social Change

E. E. Cummings wrote: In 2008, ASB hosted our first Un-Plugged Conference. The conference was born with a two-fold purpose: To showcase, to the world, the ways in which ASB integrates technology into the learning process of our students To engage ASB’s educators in a conversation about the relevant trends … Continue reading

The College Admissions Process

Over the last few months I’ve been visiting university Admissions Offices across the United States. My tour is part of the data-collection phase of ASB’s goal: to create the most relevant and effective Center of College and Career Services in the world of international education. “We do not judge applicants … Continue reading

Remembering Madhu, Madiba and Goodness

I went to sleep last night with two deaths on my mind. The deaths of Madhu and Madiba. Madhu was an ASB Alum. Madiba was the Father of a Nation. “I still cannot believe that my dear ex-student Madhu was murdered,” wrote a former ASB teacher on Facebook last night. … Continue reading

What I Learned From Writing a Speech

Originally published on May 26, 2013. The American School of Bombay’s High School graduation ended a few hours ago. Today, thirty-seven of our seniors walked across the stage and received their High School diplomas. As you can imagine, there was plenty of joy and cheer, rivers of tears, and hundreds … Continue reading

Coming of Age

Earlier this week I had a dream in which I was speaking Hindi.  I’m not sure what I said in the dream, since I don’t understand Hindi, but I was most certainly speaking Hindi. India has not only infiltrated my dreams, it’s everywhere. And the longer I spend in Mumbai, … Continue reading

Start-of-School Eve

It’s August 10th. At my school that’s our “Start of the New School Year Eve.” I guess, as the Superintendent of the American School of Bombay, it is appropriate—if not expected—for me to send a note to my faculty and staff tonight.. After all, our students arrive tomorrow, which means: We … Continue reading

Bombs Help Build The 21st Century Curriculum

21st Century Curriculum–Designed by 3 Bomb Blasts in Mumbai: Indian authorities have confirmed that on July 13th there were three explosions in Mumbai: At the Opera House district, Jhaveri Bazar, and at Dadar West. India, as we all know—and that’s why many of us have chosen to live, work, and … Continue reading