Transforming Teaching and Learning

Last year I contributed to the ASB Un-Plugged conference by sharing my research, based on data collected from over one hundred current Heads of Schools, to the question: What are the most important and relevant opportunities and challenges facing international schools? Here, in no particular order (except for #1), are: The Top … Continue reading

Tweets: My Most-Recent Dozen

Below are my last 13 tweets; a baker’s dozen. I post them here, collectively, because when read back-to-back, rather than every other day, they paint a different and perhaps a more interesting picture. Clean up the filth & litter, cut corruption by 50% and India emerges as 1 of the … Continue reading

Getting Started

Getting a blog started is a scary thing.  Especially when you have the kind of job–like me: The Superintendent of one of the most prestigious American Schools in Asia–where people pay you for your opinions and your words (and scrutinize every opinion and word you’ve been paid for).  So, naturally, I’ve resisted starting a blog … Continue reading