Design Thinking and Social Change

E. E. Cummings wrote: In 2008, ASB hosted our first Un-Plugged Conference. The conference was born with a two-fold purpose: To showcase, to the world, the ways in which ASB integrates technology into the learning process of our students To engage ASB’s educators in a conversation about the relevant trends … Continue reading

Thoughts from the Google Education Summit

Originally published on December 01, 2012. This weekend we are hosting the first annual Google Apps for Education India Summit. The 250 participants, from 14 countries, are spending an intense weekend on our elementary campus focusing on deploying, integrating, and using Google Apps for Education to promote student learning. In … Continue reading

A PLC in Mumbai

The 11th of November is “National Education Day” in India, and the 14th is “Children’s Day.” The dates for these two events were chosen to coincide with the birthdays of Maulana Abul  Kalam Azad (an eminent educationist and a great leader of India’s freedom  struggle), and Jawaharlal Nehru (India’s first PM) respectively. So, it is fitting … Continue reading

Coming of Age

Earlier this week I had a dream in which I was speaking Hindi.  I’m not sure what I said in the dream, since I don’t understand Hindi, but I was most certainly speaking Hindi. India has not only infiltrated my dreams, it’s everywhere. And the longer I spend in Mumbai, … Continue reading

Bombs Help Build The 21st Century Curriculum

21st Century Curriculum–Designed by 3 Bomb Blasts in Mumbai: Indian authorities have confirmed that on July 13th there were three explosions in Mumbai: At the Opera House district, Jhaveri Bazar, and at Dadar West. India, as we all know—and that’s why many of us have chosen to live, work, and … Continue reading

Photo Choices For Header

Picking the photograph for the Header of my blog was tough. Not because of a lack of choices, but because I have so many. Here are the other four finalists from my final five. I will probably rotate them on and off (along with others), as time passes.  After all, my blog … Continue reading

Getting Started

Getting a blog started is a scary thing.  Especially when you have the kind of job–like me: The Superintendent of one of the most prestigious American Schools in Asia–where people pay you for your opinions and your words (and scrutinize every opinion and word you’ve been paid for).  So, naturally, I’ve resisted starting a blog … Continue reading