End of the year thoughts

Three nights ago ASB hosted our annual 8th Grade Ceremony. This event symbolizes the “Closing of Middle School,” and the “Beginning of High School,” for our students. The evening showcased two student hosts, and two class speakers. Sitting in the audience, watching and listening to these four fourteen-year-old ‘kids’ (with … Continue reading

The College Admissions Process II

As I continue my tour through college Admissions Offices, I thought I would add some more insights to my last post. During my two hours with members of Duke’s Admissions Office, I asked questions like these: How do you decide whom to admit between so many outstanding applicants? What’s your … Continue reading

The College Admissions Process

Over the last few months I’ve been visiting university Admissions Offices across the United States. My tour is part of the data-collection phase of ASB’s goal: to create the most relevant and effective Center of College and Career Services in the world of international education. “We do not judge applicants … Continue reading

Looking Ahead to 2020

Remember when Facebook bought Whatsapp for US$19 billion? One analyst said, “Facebook bought Whatsapp so Zuckerburg’s company could become relevant once again.” His comment implies Facebook is no longer relevant. Facebook has dominated the social media market for a decade (ten years is a really long time in the world … Continue reading

Finding the Right School For Your Children

Originally published on September 22, 2013. After receiving several enticing responses on excellence in education, I thought today I should touch on “school choice.” The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a global leader in research and advocacy for educational excellence, recently published the results of their survey: What Parents Want: Education Preferences … Continue reading

21st Century Excellence in Education

This morning I awoke to the music my wife was listening to whilst running on the treadmill. It was Irene Cara singing her iconic song “Fame.” A song about kids with big dreams; dreams of being famous entertainers. The song goes like this: I’m gonna live forever  I’m gonna learn … Continue reading

Finding the Best Fit for Your School

A friend of mine often quotes his father, a used car salesman, as saying: “There is the right car for every person. And not every car is the right car for every person.” This axiom holds very true when it comes to hiring teachers for overseas schools. Each school has its … Continue reading

Adding to the 5 Cs

I was in the ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai listening to Pat Bassett’s keynote address when I started writing today’s post. Pat is the President of NAIS (the National Association for Independent Schools in the United States), and his topic this morning was: Schools of the Future – … Continue reading

Sacred Ground

Originally published on October 6, 2012. The definition of “Holy” for the purpose of this post is: Entitled to veneration and respect by association with divine things Pertaining to or connected with sacred objects, people, or books Reverently dedicated to some person, purpose, or object Nine years ago, my middle … Continue reading